Monday, 2 April 2012

Placement Year

In most University courses in the UK require you to take a placement year in your 3rd year at University. For a Games Development student it can be tough and near impossible to gain a placement in the Games Industry. Instead students are advised to get a software development job as there are many available and are much more attainable than roles in the Games Industry.

My advice for students thinking about placements would be the following;

1. Search for jobs which;

  • concentrate or specialise in C++ as it one of the languages that is very popular with games companies.
  • will be able to provide you with experience in teams, as teamwork is an integral part of the game creation process

2. Have a well written CV showcasing your skills and experience
3. Apply early and often!
4. Prepare well for interviews

I was fortunate to gain a placement at Citi in Belfast, which is a software division of the banking company.

I'm so glad I got the job as it was a hard assessment process. We had to do;
  • A general interview
  • A technical interview
  • A logical reasoning test
  • A group exercise in which we had to read through a failing company profile and discuss how to make the company successful 

So I was really glad I got accepted after all of that! It was such an experience and I'm really pleased as it was only my second interview!

If you need any more advice or want any questions answered comment below!

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